Peri Chorou Architektoniki is an emerging architectural practice founded by Christodoulos Christodoulou and Vrachimis Moutiris with an innovative and highly individual philosophy.


Our team’s experience ranges from residential developments, renovations, commercial projects and office buildings. We have participated in a variety of significant architectural competitions, both local and international.


Our approach to architecture is not superficial but has an architectural solution that comes across as understated, yet powerful and with soul. As a practice, we seek foundation in the basics of human life (the client) and nature (the site/ environment), which in turn allows us to gain inspiration for our designs. In addition to our architectural drawings, we use 3d modeling and real time animation of the site and building, leading to a better communication with our clients. Technology permits our architecture, but our architecture is not defined by it. Instead it helps us to build efficiently in a way that is integral to the architecture as well as being sustainable.


Bioclimatic strategies are an integral part of our architectural design. In every project we take into consideration the site location (site analysis), in order for our design proposal to be site specific, with the right placement and orientation of the building on the site, achieving natural lighting and ventilation, indoor and outdoor relation according to the client and building needs.


We believe that every project deserves unique attention. We enjoy developing relationships with our clients, listening and comprehending their needs and aspirations. We engage our clients with fresh ideas, creativity and delight so that their aspirational goals are defined and met. Our experience, reliability and delivery capability ensure that our client’s management and financial goals are achieved. We foster a personal relationship with our clients underpinned by our integrity and commitment to a sustainable future.


“Our objective is to turn concept into shape and matter into emotion”



Vrachimis Moutiris


Christodoulos Christodoulou